What is MegaCG ?
Just a website name !


Who is the founder of MegaCG ?
P.Ramesh Babu


Why MegaCG is created ?
The idea is to share Linux and Windows desktop PC virtually


What license required to share Linux and Windows desktop ?
You should consult this with your software provider


How to virtualize my PC ?
Tons of tutorial in google search and youtube


How exactly MegaCG help me ?
MegaCG is just a common website for CPU required person and CPU renting person


How much money required to post my virtual desktop in MegaCG?
Free …..


Is there any SignUp, registration and account fees ?
No , completely free


How much money will MegaCG pays me ?
MegaCG pays nothing to you, if you are a seller, you need to ask the payment by the buyer


How will I get paid for my home PC (High-end gaming PC, Desktop or Server) ?
Someone will reply to your AD directly and its your choice to receive payment, whichever option you like, MegaCG will not pay anything to you


Which payment method is best choice ?
paypal is best


Why Pricing list is posted in MegaCG ?
Good question, everyone must follow the price list so there will be no price difference for everyone


What happen if the buyer cheated me ?
MegaCG is not responsible


What happen if the seller cheated me ?
MegaCG is not responsible


What happen if the seller shutdown the machine after i paid ?
You should first contact the seller and ask your CPU resource time, which you have paid earlier, if there is no response contact MegaCG with seller details we will suspend that user permanently


How to pay money and use the CPU resource from the buyer’s point of view?
First, ask for 10-20 minute trial, if you like it and you want to use for 1 day pay 1 hour as advance after 1 hour pay again like this you can use safely


My CPU configuration is not in the list ?
Please contact MegaCG , we will add your CPU Configuration in the pricing list